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Litchfield Energy Task Force

Mission Statement and Goals

It is widely recognized that improved energy efficiency, the practice of energy conservation and the use of clean renewable energy promote and improve the physical and fiscal health and well-being of the people of Litchfield, the nation and  the world.  Reducing energy consumption can lead to significant economic savings, environmental benefits and improved human health.

Therefore the proposed mission of the Litchfield Energy Task Force is:

·    to encourage and assist the Town of Litchfield as well as its businesses, organizations  and residents to reduce energy consumption through the practice of conservation and through energy efficiency.

·    to increase the use of clean and renewable sources of energy where possible.

And therefore, the Litchfield Energy Task Force, will over the next three years:

·    Assist in the development of a comprehensive energy plan for the town buildings, town lighting and vehicle fleet,  prioritizing actions that reduce energy costs over the lifetime of the investments, green house gas emissions, indoor and outdoor pollution and dependency on fossil fuels.

·    Identify opportunities for energy mitigation through improved efficiency and a culture of conservation.

·    Analyze, identify and recommend state and federal and other financial incentives to achieve energy reduction.

·    Help to educate and encourage Litchfield residents, organizations and businesses on ways to practice energy conservation and to improve energy efficiency in their offices and homes, creating a culture of conservation in Litchfield.

·    Promote long term sustainable policies and practices for facilities in Litchfield.

·    Identify opportunities to increase the use of feasible clean renewable energy sources where possible in Litchfield.

The Litchfield Energy Task Force’s membership is open to a maximum of twelve town residents. The current members of the Litchfield Energy Task Force are:


            Lynn Fulkerson,        Jack Healy, Co-chair         Dean Birdsall       Dan Fowler     Jerry Geci       James Keithan       Brian Malarkey       Sonja Osborn          Dwight Keeney      Jeff Benson, Co-chair       Sam Olmstead       John Post