Making a difference through Greener Impact

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An industrious group of environmentally savvy students at LHS are “walking the talk” regarding contemporary environmental issues. These students wanted to do more than just learn about the environmental challenges that face their generation; they wanted to actively work toward confronting those challenges. To that end the Greener Impact Club was formed. The club has a mission that is three pronged. It includes working toward environmental improvements, promoting environmental awareness, and actively experiencing outdoor adventure.

The group has embraced the initiative with gusto! Several teams have formed and they are working independently to accomplish the following;

·         Improve the recycling effort at LHS – Waste stream reduction, resource conservation, energy savings, pollution prevention.

·         Introduce composting to LHS – Waste stream reduction, energy conservation, cost savings, soil enrichment.

·         Invasive plant removal at LHS – Removal non-native invasive plants on the LHS campus.

·         Hiking trail maintenance - Blazing, clearing and maintaining a nine mile section of the Mattatuck Blue Blaze Trail.

·         Outdoor adventure – Planning outdoor activities that include skiing, skating, hiking, canoeing, snowman making, and camping.

·         Educational outreach

o        Preparing and teaching a lesson for LMS 6th grade students promoting energy efficiency and alternative energy

o        Premiering the movie Kilowatt Ours at LHS with pizza and discussion

·         Energy Efficiency

o        Promotion and sale of energy efficient lighting

o        Promotion and sale of Home Energy Audits

o        Volunteering and promoting smart energy choices at the Living Green Home Show in Torrington, CT on May 1st   http://www.litchfieldboard.com/?rm=lp&pg=lghs

·         Humanitarian Efforts

o        “Green Regift” new and gently used clothing drive targeted for adolescents in need

o        Haiti relief charitable collection