The Litchfield Energy Task Force began meeting in the spring of 2009.

Since that time, this group of nine Litchfield resident volunteers have done the following:

· Created a mission statement and a plan for accomplishing its goals.

· Received endorsements from the following town organizations

        Litchfield Conservation Commission

        Litchfield Land Trust

        Litchfield League of Women Voters

        Litchfield A …..B........A.......

        Litchfield Historical Society

        Northwest Conservation District

        Economic Development Commission

· Developed and improved their web site www.litchfieldctenergytaskforce.org

· Worked with the Director of Public Works on available grant opportunities.

· Successfully secured a grant from the DEP for an intern from Naugatuck Community College for the spring semester of 2011 to work on projects with the  Director of Public Works.

· Organized with Litchfield High students the first Energy Expo held at Center School in June, 2009.

· Organized with the League of Women Voters and Litchfield High students an Energy Conservation Challenge for residents.  LWV awarded a prize of $500 to the Litchfield family conserving the most.

· Investigated and encouraged the town to purchase from alternative electricity generating suppliers to reduce costs. This was successfully accomplished in 2010.

· Worked as volunteers to weatherstrip Center School.

· Created a Town Energy Policy which was read by First Selectman Leo Paul to the public at the 2nd  Energy Expo in the Fall of 2010.

· Held an educational program and had a screening of the film Kilowatt Hours which explores energy conservation for town residents

· Brought together members of five local houses of worship for a 15 hour class on energy conservation and audits of their buildings . The program, This Old House of Worship, was completed in May, 2010.

· Investigated the possible use of the EPA Portfolio Manager Program for benchmarking the energy usage in town buildings. The intern from Naugatuck Community College will complete this benchmarking in the spring of 2011.

· Worked with the high school group, Greener Impact, on educational activities.

· Assisted Greener Impact in connecting with a CL &P approved energy audit provider to encourage home audits through the Home Energy Solutions program. The club received $25 per sign- up for their school environmental club.

· Educated the public at events at White Memorial and at the Litchfield Farmers Market.

· Developed energy conservation plans for selected town buildings

        The Intermediate School gym received new energy efficient lights

        The Public Works Building will have new windows installed spring of 2011

        Center School will get a new energy efficient boiler spring 2011

        Center school will have asphalt pavement in the rear of the building removed and changed to soft natural surface to reduce heat buildup and provide a safer place for children. Trees are also planned for this area to shade the building from the western exposure.

· Submitted and had published press releases on energy conservation in the schools and on sustainable life style choices made by Litchfield residents.

· Encouraged the increase of clean renewable energy through residential and business sign- ups for the CL&P Clean Energy Option program.

· Began to work with businesses in town to reduce their energy usage and cost. LETF offered a session to LABA on the CL&P Small Business Energy Advantage Program . Litchfield Ford has participated in this program as a result of this presentation and has experienced significant energy savings.

· Successfully organized and co-sponsored with the Northwest Conservation District the 2nd  Energy Expo, Our Energy Future, with Keynote Speaker: Commissioner Amey Marella, Department of Environmental Protection and Chair of the Governor's Steering Committee on Climate Change Panel Discussion with State Sen. Andrew Roraback and State Rep. Craig Miner and Roger Liddell, energy consultant.